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At LDSREalEstate.info we provide information to make the best and most informed decisions when you buy or sell your home. In the Need to Know tab at the top of our site, we have many articles to help make sure that you are prepared and aware of each aspect of buying a home!

Each section of Need to Know provides information about a variety of topics. Below is a brief preview of each of the topics under Need To Know. Take a look!

Click the links below to see each topic. Some example articles are also listed:

  1.  How to Buy a Home
    1. First-time home buyer tips
    2. Basic steps to buying a home
  2. Credit Report/Scores
    1. Understanding Credit Scores
    2. How to Check Your Credit
  3. Home Loans/Appraisals
    1. Can I Really Save Enough for a Down Payment?
    2. Parents Helping with Jumbo Loans
    3. Drawbacks of a Reverse Mortgage
    4. Basics of Reverse Mortgages
    5. Purpose of a Real Estate Appraisal
    6. What is the Appraiser Appraising?
    7. Student Debt can Torpedo Your Chances of a Home Loan
  4. Finances, Debt, and Investments
    1. The Importance of being Solvent
    2. 4 Money Tips for New Homeowners
    3. Homeownership Exclusive: Young Adults without College Degrees
    4. Parents Helping with Jumbo Loans
    5. Housing Demand to Surge Over the Next Decade
    6. Mistakes Parents Make with Financial Aid
    7. Seniors Struggling With Student Debt
    8. What is a Short Sale?
    9. Are You Ready to Be a Landlord?
    10. Use Your IRA To Buy Investment Properties
  5. Insurance
    1. What is Title Insurance?
    2. A Standard Homeowners Policy
    3. Floods and Earthquakes: Are You Covered?

Whether you are buying or selling a home, use our articles above and be prepared! When you are ready to get started, LDSAgents.com will help you find the right LDS realtor for you!