Five Things to consider before selling your Las Vegas Home

There are many things to consider when putting your house one the market, we want to let you know of five of them for Las Vegas according to US News and World Report.

  1. There is a demand for turnkey properties
    Making sure that your home is in its top condition will open the door to sales. Unless the person purchasing the home is in the market for flipping/renovating the home, you will want to make sure the home is as move-in ready as possible.
  2. Money is TightMore buyers are able to get loans for the amount of a finished house than buyers who have extra cash to invest in fixing up a house.
    FHA loans make it possible to buy higher priced homes, and can be beneficial depending on the quality of your real estate agent. To find the best agents that Las Vegas has to offer, visit
  3. Mind the Children
    Las Vegas has many low rated school districts, and since since education is often a high priority for families with children, check to make sure your area has a well reviewed public educational system.
  4. Establish an Online Presence
    Much like yourself right now reading this article, buyers begin their search for their dream home online. Establishing a good online sales presence, with good photos and updated information, will make your property stand out from the crowd.
  5. Operate within Your Market
    If you are not getting a high enough volume of home tours per week, it might be time to reduce your price to compete within the current supply and demand of homes. Make sure that before you consider raising or lowering your price that you have an experienced agent, that will work with you.

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