About Us


In 1998, we had an idea about serving people in the LDS community who were interested in buying and selling homes. The concept was simple: Connect LDS clients with agents who “speak their language”. Wow, wouldn’t it be nice to work with an agent who was familiar with terms such as Primary, Relief Society, Young Men and Women, Food Storage, Wards, Stakes, Temples, and on and on? And, thus, the idea of LDSAgents.com began to take form.


Three main developments enabled LDSAgents.com to grow. First, the LDS population, itself,  had grown to where there were enough church members to conduct such a business; second, the Internet had matured to the point of being a credible and accessible source of information; and, third, BYU-TV was beginning to reach into the home of thousands of church members around the country through satellite TV networks. Yay! We could efficiently get the word out to our community!


By 1999, LDSAgents.com was receiving clients and connecting them with LDS Agents around USA and Canada. Today, we have thousands of agents and we have served more than ten thousand clients. We even have several hundred non-LDS agents in our network who have been highly recommended by members in certain areas. And, yes, we serve non-LDS clients as well. They search us out! These have been great relationships.

LDS Partners

Since the early days, we have also reached out to the LDS community via other church-owned entities such as KSL-TV, KSL Digital, LDS Living Magazine, and Deseret News. We are in good company…and it has helped make us a good company.


Now, our free service is getting even better. Our LDSRealEstate.com blog site will provide visitors with timely real estate information that is sensitive to LDS needs and interests.

As this site develops, we would appreciate your input as well. We don’t advertise properties for sale on our sites but if you have ideas generally relevant to the LDS real estate marketplace, please feel free to post!