Make the Most of a Small Back Yard

small yard

Small backyards can sometimes seem limiting in terms of what you can add to them. Small backyards have many landscaping options to make them beautiful and open. Here are some ideas to help.

1. Install a deck.
They are also good for adding two levels, which can be good if you want to have one for dining and another for plants. It’s also a way to separate the yard from another type of space without taking up a lot of room. Pro tip: deck boards should be laid diagonally, not straight to optimize yard square footage.

2. Hang potted plants and boxed gardens.
If you want to save more ground space in the yard and still enjoy many flowers and shrubs, you can optimize the walls, roofs and windows of your home. This will leave plenty of room in your garden for trees, a dining space, water features or other installations that might have been more difficult to fit in otherwise.

3. Use smaller furniture.
Instead of couches, buy loveseats and chairs and rather than a long rectangular chair, you might consider a circular table. By having smaller furniture on your deck, patio or in the backyard, there will be more space available for movement and other decor.

4. Keep it simple and clean.
Focus on the essentials of the backyard: grass, some shrubs and flowers artfully placed throughout. You can organize it better by installing flower beds and potted plants for easier management.

5. Go bold on the color scheme.
Reds, blues, purples, oranges, yellows–the color scheme is endless. You want your small backyard to jump out to visitors and you when walking out the back door.

6. Erect fencing that’s visual rather than private.
Choose a design that’s visual like lattice, picket or chain link with sunlight showing through to accent the yard. You might also consider materials like wood or vinyl to add onto the natural appearance of the small yard.