Videotape Your Home for Insurance

Video tape the contents of your home every few years for insurance purposes.

No one wants to think about being in a situation where their home is destroyed, but being prepared is important. Would you be able to give the insurance company a list of items you have in your home if something happened tomorrow? Chances are you would forget many items if you were listing them from memory.

Record the contents of your home
Use a video camera to scan each room. Make sure you record all major electronics, appliances, and furniture. Open closets and cabinets and scan the contents. Don’t forget the contents in your garage.

Talk as you scan
Give verbal descriptions of items such as “Dell M1210 laptop” as you scan the room. It would be nearly impossible to read model numbers from the video, so use your voice to add the details or make a list of the more expensive items to store with the video tape.

Include valuable collections
Have a large jewelry collection or coin collection? Lay it on a table and record each piece. Don’t forget tools and supplies for hobbies you have,as they can be expensive to replace.

Keep the video in a safe place
Burn your video to a DVD if you can. Store the DVD or tape in your safe deposit box at the bank.

Don’t have a video camera?
Borrow one from a friend, or take lots of pictures and write information on the back of the photo, noting details such as the brand and model.